My new series of paintings are a reflection in time of the internal conversations I had with the work while in the meditative state of painting. I was “in conversation” in my studio with all 33 artworks exhibited in my latest solo show at the MUSE Gallery in Philadelphia. I explored the very act of painting, presenting a record of my relationship with the paint, the surface and the tools I used with my visual sensations of a fleeting subject and my efforts to capture something. The dialogue between me and the work remained in continual negotiation between mind, body, material and intuition, shifting back and forth in time.

The artworks are “in conversation” with each other singly, in groups and with the whole. I trusted the gestural marks to speak to me and I responded in the moment. Like movements in music and stanzas of poetry, each painting has its own rhythm, repetition and contrast, creating both harmony and dissonance within the group.

 Visual art has the ability to stir the emotions and give insights to the viewer and artist to better understand themselves and each other. I feel art is incomplete without the involvement of the viewer. The viewer has a conversation with the artist and the paintings by interpreting what he or she sees using their own experiences and memories. Since our experiences are so varied, the possibilities for interacting with the paintings are open and endless.

 I hope you will interact and have a personal conversation with these paintings and with me, calling meaning not of the painting, but to the meaning of ourselves. The reality of the work is in the painting, the artist and the viewer.